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Table of Contents for
Hispanic Genealogical Journals

Vol. 1 - 1982

News and Announcements

Schedule of Coming Meetings


Information from Members Pedrigree Charts

Report on Archival Workshop

Beginning Genealogy

News and Announcements

Beginning Genealogy

Confederates in Mexico

Spanish Land Grant Terms

Baptisms from Santiago Church

Information from Members Charts

News and Announcements

Texas Mission Archives and Genealogy

Baptisms from Santiago Church

Information from Members Charts

Nacogdoches Archives

Workshop Registration

Nacogdoches Archives

Baptisms from Santiago Church

List of San Antonio Missions

Church Records of San Fernando Archives

History of San Fernando Church

Escudo de Armas

Mexican American Patriots

Scheduleof Spring Programs

Vol. 2 - 1983

No. 1

News and Announcements

Daily Life Canary Islanders

Nacogdoches Archives

Bexar Archives Translations

Escudo de Armas

Genealogy Collection

Victoria Colony

Formation Texas Counties

Conference Registration

San Fernando Church Baptismals

Captain del Canto

Home Guard Units

Sephardic Jew


Spanish Abbreviations

Conference Registration

San Antonio Guide and History

Church Records Natchitoches, LA

Microfilm Collection State Library

San Fernando Church Baptismals

Vol. 3 - 1985

No. 1

Source Information of Texas General Land Office

Source Information of Bexas County Archives

Texas in the War:1861-1865

San Fernando Records

A State Government Representative of 1892

The Irish-Mexican Connection

Laws of the State of Texas

Will of Maria Betancour

Census of the Pueblo of Candela Coahuila

List of Founders and Citizens of Villa Soto de la Marina

Using the Spanish Collection of the General LandOffice

Book Reviews

Death Records of Cameron, Starr and Webb for 1849 and 1850

Founders and Citizens of the Villa de Santander


Why Search in Mexico?

Mexican Family History Research in a Mormon Branch

Genealogical Library

Vol. 4 - No.1 - 1986

Old Grants

Tejas or Tecos

Island Of the Padre Timely Event

The Founding of Mier

In Search of Living History

Holdings File Hidalgo County Records

Old Maps

Vol. 4 - No. 2


Edna G. Brown's Ancestor Chart

Spanish Surnames

Mexican Churches of the Early Years

Calendar from 1753-2059

Petition From Juan Joseph Monte de Oca

Seabury Family Trees 1714-1946

Pioneer Families in the Realm of Nuevo Leon

Rental of Lands to Juan Curbelo 1736

Officers and Soldiers at Los Adais to Viceroy Dec. 30, 1749

List of the force in Presidio of San Antonio de Bexar

Power of Attorney-Our Lady of the Pilar of los Adaes

Francisco de Ibarra

The Home

Holdings File Webb County Records

Bexar County archives Records

Book Excerpt Spanish Origins of Starr County

Hacienda del Tapado Baptisms, Marriages and Burials -

Coahuila & Texas, Burials Monclova, Historia de Nuevo Leon

Cameron County Mortality Schedule 1880


The Mexican Collection & Broadway's Inventory of Microfilms

Vol 5 - 1987 - No. 1

Introduction to Genealogy

San Fernando Census of 1792

Mexican Church Directory

Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Part I, Marriages 1710-1880

Spanish Surnames in Lavaca County

Advertisement: Genealogy Books and Consultations

Cameron County Marriage Records Index

Corpus Christi Deanery: Parishes

A Man for All Seasons: Ignacio Seguin Zaragoza

Rio Grande City Cemetery List

La Reforma Cemetery List

Lino Trevino Cemetery List

Guiseppe Cassini, 1826

Punta de Lampazos Marriages

Punta de Lampazos Baptisms

Punta de Lampazos Confirmations 1700

Vol 5 - No. 2

Problems and Rewards of Early Tejano Research by Jaxon

Hinojosa Cemetery List, Hidalgo County, TX

Forgotten Heroes of Texas

Cadereyta Marriages 1710-1880, Part II

Wilson County: Reprinted with Permission from Ray Miller

Villa de la Monclova

Texas First Cattle Queen

Marriage Index: Continuation of Cameron County, TX

Earlier names of Some Towns and cities in Northern Mexico

Archivo Sagrario de Guadalajara

Map of Sierra Gorda

Revilla (Guerrero), Tamaulipas Baptisms

Seabury Collection Information

Agualeguas, Nuevo Leon: List of Soldiers 1855

Durango Census of 1777

Rancho de la Blanquita: 1890 Census of Reynosa

Texas Church Records

Early Spanish and Mexican Land Grants

Book Listing - Clayton Genealogy Library, Houston, TX

Spanish Surnames and Different Ways of Spelling

Vol. 6 - No. 1 - 1988

1890 Census of Reynosa "Rancho Retamitas"

Three Balli Wills (Spanish)

Continuation of Durango Census

In Search of Sephardic Beginnings

Batisms of Revilla (Cd. Guerrero, Tamp. Mexico)

The Tiguas of El Paso

Application for Master Weavers, Mex. City, 1757

Spanish Surname - Unfinished Titles in the General Land Office of Texas

Dispatches of Spanish Governors of Louisiana

La Paz Cemetery, Hwy. 281, Texas

Synopsis from soon to be released book entitled ôMier in Historyö

San Carlos de Parras Census, 1807

Karnes County, Texas

List of Soldiers with Espejo in New Mexico

Castro's Colony (Excerpt)

LaBahia, (Texas)

Headstones: Los Potreros Cemetery (Texas)

Ancestry of Jesus Ramirez Ramirez

Continuation of Cadereyta Baptisms

Vol. 6 - No. 2

A Governor's Report on Texas in 1809

Common Latin Abbreviations

Cameron County Marriage Index, Continuation

Petition from the Citizens of Webb and Starr Counties (10/1852)

Early Marriage Records, Hidalgo County, Texas

New Documents on Father Jose Mariano Reyes

Early Marriage Index - Nueces County, Texas

Camargo Baptisms (1764-1856)

Vol. 7 - No. 1 - 1989

One Line of Descendents of Miguel Ramirez and Maria Tadea Pena -- Ruth T. Bello

Camargo baptismals 1764-1856-- C.R. Cuellar

Mackey, Texas and the Border Ranch: A Home to a Generation of Mexicans --Ruth T Bello

Extracts of the Surname Ramos from the Texas Death Index of 1903-1940

Extracts of the Surname Sanchez from the Texas Death Index of 1903-1940 Baldemar R. Silva

Francisco Yturria and Heirs -- Ruben Trevino

Planters and Farmers of Texas -- Cathleen Shoemaker

Historical Corners of My Mind -- Jose Maria Escobar y Saenz IV

Duval County Marriages -- Blanche Trevino

Hispanic Research in East Texas -- Carolyn Ericson

The Basque Connection -- Ruth T. Bello

Loma Alta Cemetery -- Ruben Trevino

Archivo de la Parroquia de San Jose en Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, 1770-1843 -- Daniel Serrano Flores

Zapata County -- Blanche Trevino

Looking for the Roots of Gringo, Bolillo, and Gavacho -- Ruth T. Bello

Extracts of the Surname Gomez from the Webb County Marriage Index 1850-1927

Agualeguas Catholic Church Baptismals 1821-1826, Agualeguas, N.L. Mexico

Camargo, N.L., Marriages: Some Early Records 175-1794 -- Ruth T. Bello

Fray Isidro Felix de Espinosa -- R. Trevino

Vol 7 - No.2

What is a Catholic Genealogist? -- Michael E. Zilligen

1800 Church Census of the Jurisdiction of Mier, Tamaulipas -- Mary Lou Vela and Saul Vela, Ph.D.

Will of Juan Manuel Ruiz - 1797 -- Benny Herrera

Texas Special Schedule of 1890, Cameron County, Brownsville, Texas Precint 3 Union Veterans of Civil War -- R. Trevino

Mineral Rights in Texas -- Jesus F. de la Teja

Organizing a Family Organization -- Baldemar Silva

Camargo baptismals 1764-1856 -- C.R. Cuellar

Texas' First Aristocracy: When Land Was King! -- Don Hingo

Making the Final Connection -- Ruth T. Bello

Extracts of the Surname Gomez from the Texas Death Index of 1903-1940 -- Baldemar R. Silva

Rules on Public Behavior in the Last Years of Spanish Texas -- Ruth T. Bello

Extracts of the Surname Ramos from the International Genealogy Index (I.G.I.) FHC of LDS -- Baldemar R. Silva

The Godoy Surname in Matamoros -- Ruth T. Bello

The Martyrdom of Francisco Maldonado de Silva -- Baldemar R. Silva

Family Group Sheets as a Genealogical Tool -- Cathleen Shoemaker

The Displaced Citizens of Los Adeas -- Cathleen Shoemaker

New Books - Clayton Library, Houston, Texas -- Mickey Garcia and Ruth T. Bello

Book Notes - Ruth T. Bello

A Report on the 10th Annual State Conference on Hispanic Genealogy and History -- Ruth T. Bello

Vol. 8 No. 1 - 1990

Genealogical Records of Northeastern Colonial Nueva Espana -- Dr. Lyman D. Platt

Mexican Land -- Texas Law: A Case History of Antonio Zapata's Land Grant -- J. J. Gallegos

1850's Ranchos Along the Lower Rio Grande River -- Keneth P. Solis

1800 Church Census of the Jurisdiction of Mier, Tamaulipas -- Mary Lou Vela; Saul Vela, Ph. D.

Baptisms - Revilla (Guerrero Viejo), Tamaulipas -- J. J. Gallegos

Newspaper Accounts of the Battle of Morelos -- J. J. Gallegos

Jose Francisco Saucillo - One of Pancho Villa's Men -- Athena C. Saucillo Longoria

Ancestor Charts of Mariano M. Longoria -- Athena C. Saucillo Longoria

Stolen Heritage: A Book Critique -- Patricia A. Silva-Flores, Ed. D.

A Memorium to My Grandmother (with a letter to the reader and prologue) -- SanJuana Mendez

Hispanic Genealogical Society Contribution of Material to Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, Texas

Vol. 8 - No.2

Burials of Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon [Mexico], 1769-1801 -- Angel S. Brown

GENEALOGY: A Never Ending Research Paper -- San Juana Mendez

Starr County, Texas - Minute-Men Muster Roll, June 10, 1861 - Andres Reyes Garza

SAGA's "Escandon Project"

Escandon Project - Case Study - ALANIZ/ALANIS -- Fred Garcia

Escandon Project - Case Study - BOSQUE/de BOSQUE/del BOSQUE -- Fred Garcia

Cerralvo [Nuevo Leon, Mexico] Marriage Records 1761-1880 -- SAGA (partial reprint)

Ancestor Charts of Mariano M. Longoria - Revisited (correction) -- Athena C. Saucillo Longoria

Ancestor Chart - Antonio Cadena -- George S.Cadena

Vol. 9 - 1991

Biographical note on the name Trevino -- Rafael Gijon y Robles

Hispanic films on indefinite loan at Houston North Stake Family History Center -- Donna Chrane

Family Tree of Julian de la Garza Guerra -- Jose Oscar Guerra, Jr.


Family Tree of Josefa Guajardo -- Jose Oscar Guerra, Jr.

Testaments found in the Archivos de Saltillo en el estado de Coahuila, Mexico -- Mrs. Mickey Garcia

Dear Harry (and other Romo searchers) -- Rolando Romo

La Hacienda de Pesqueria Grande

San Bernardino de la Candela, Coahuila

Villa de San Carlos de la Candela

The General state of the foundations of the Colony of Nuevo Santander -- Edna G. Brown

Chapa - the first four generations - Norman P. Brown

Testaments of Don Fernando Basques Borrego - Edna G. Brown

Census of July 5, 1757 of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Longoria Family Index Vol. 1 - Esther Gonzales and Connie Sauceda

Vol. 10 - 1992

Cyberspace Addresses and User Ids for Genealogy -- Saul Vela

The Longoria Family -- Esther Gonzales, Concepcion Sauceda, and Athena Longoria

The Ancestry of Doroteo Arango (Pancho Villa) -- Saul Vela

Interesting Articles -- Authors Unknown

Hispanic Genealogical Society Membership List

Application for Membership

Vol. 11 - 1993

Family of Jose Julian de la Garza y Guerra -- Jose Oscar Guerra Jr.

Early Settlers in Floresville -- Author Unknown

The Galveston and Texas History Center Rosenberg Library -- Author Unknown

La Casa y Mayorazgo de la Canal de la Villa de San Miguel el Grande -- Author Unknown

Vol. 12 - 1994

The Escandon Settlement of Nueva Espana -- Lyman D. Platt, Ph. D.

Camargo Census of 1750 -- Saul Vela, Ph. D.

Genealogy of Patricia A. Silva-Flores

My Grandmother's Great-Aunt, a Heroine for All Times - Josefa Zozaya Valdes 1822-1862 -- Maria Dellinger

Two Early Marriage Dissolutions -- Maria Dellinger

Guadalupe Leal Gonzalez -- Jose Oscar Guerra, Jr.

Tenorio -- Lydia Tenorio Zermeno

Ancestor Chart of Arq. Luis F. Flores of Monterrey -- Luis M. Flores, Ph. D.

Halbert's Under Cease and Desist Order -- Mary Lou Vela

Vol. 13 - 1995

Reynosa Census of 1750 -- Saul Vela, Ph. D.

Genealogy of the Flores and Sepulveda Families -- Genaro E. Flores

Biography of Captain Diego Gonzalez -- Mira Smithwick

Camargo Census of 1753 -- Jose Oscar Guerra, Jr. and Saul Vela

Book XT of Births for Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico for 1796 -- Maria Dellinger

Tenorio -- Lydia Tenorio Zermeno

Campos -- Lydia Tenorio Zermeno

1796 Church Census of the Jurisdiction of Mier, Tamaulipas -- Mary Lou Vela and Saul Vela, Ph. D.

Brief History of Jose Maria Escobar I Owner of Porcion 76 -- Mier Jurisdiction -- Jose M. Escobar y Saenz IV and J. Rene Escobar

Cementerio San Antonio de Escobares, Escobares, Starr County, TX, Fundado en 1917 -- Jose M. Escobar and J. Rene Escobar

The Origin of the Military Salute or the Tipping of the Hat -- Joel Rene Escobar and Jose Maria Escobar y Saenz IV

Vol. 14 - 1996

Rafaela Barrera Guerra -- Jose O. Guerra, Jr.

Wills and Records from the Monterrey Archives -- Saul Vela, Ph. D.

1797 Church Census of the Jurisdiction of Mier, Tamaulipas -- Mary Lou Vela and Saul Vela, Ph. D.

A Short Note on the Name of Cantu -- Maria Dellinger

Africans on the Shores of the River of the North -- Maria Dellinger

Book of Births for Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico (January 1800 - March 1801) -- Maria Dellinger

Errata - Some Corrections on my Article of 1994 on Josefa Zozaya Valdez -- Maria Dellinger

Adrian J. Vidal: Soldier of Three Republics -- Jerry Thompson

Archives of the Archbishopric of Michoacan -- Lyman D. Platt, Ph.D.

Vol. 15 - 1997

E -Mail Addresses and WEB Pages for Genealogy--Saul Vela Ph.D.

Visits, Conversations, Letters, Newspapers, Photographs, and E-Mail in Genealogical Research - Maria Dellinger

Testamento del Capitan Don Francisco de Elizondo Aguilar - Luis Lopez Elizondo and Rosamalia Elizondo Wood

Last Will and Testament of Captain Don Francisco de Elizondo Aguilar - Translation by Saul Vela, Ph. D.

Reprint of an Article Published in the NGS Newsletter - Submitted by Mary Lou Vela

1782 Church Census of the Jurisdiction of Mier, Tamaulipas - Mary Lou Vela and Saul Vela, Ph. D.

From Books to Barracks to Books: My Journey into the American Dream - Eduardo A. Peniche

Back Issues of the Hispanic Genealogical Journal - Saul Vela, Ph.D.

Cruillas - Maria de la Garza Dellinger

Queries and Commentaries

Eighteenth Annual Conference on Hispanic Genealogy and History

Book Review: Finding Your Hispanic Roots by George R. Ryskamp

Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon and the Rodriguez Baca Family - Virginia Ochoa Morrison (Cerda)

Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - Maria de la Garza Dellinger

Hispanic Genealogical Society Membership List

Hispanic Genealogical Society Membership Form

Vol. 16, 1998

Dedication to Dr. Saul Vela Jose Guerra

New Findings on the Lisarraras y Cuellar Family - J.J Gallegos

The Juan Ignacio Barrera Family Jose Guerra

American Indian Genealogical Research Jimmy Parker

Genealogy Pox

The Becerra, Bontan, de la Garza Family Abel Rubio

Genealogy Education Project Various Authors
 Querer Es Poder Jonathan Rafael Humphries
 Keeping The Story Alive Ruby Rivera
 My Abuelita -  Norma Sanchez
 My Hispanic Heritage Eva Rodriguez
 Living In The United States Jessica Morales

The Eagle Pass Entry Cards Don Pusch

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Baldemar Silva

Zacatecas Marriage Record Edward Castillo

Notes & Genealogy on Berlanga Maria Dellinger

Past Presidents List


Volume 17, 1999

Dr. Saul Vela Scholarship Essay Contest - Jose O. Guerra, Jr.
a. Mi Abuelita: An Inspiration Through Time
b. 65 Years of Shame and Honor
c. Mi Tia Abuela

Ancestors of Rolando Romo   - Rolando Romo

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Marriages - Baldemar Silva

Family Tree of Antonio Thomas Serrano - Antonio T. Serrano

Ancestors and Descendents of Adolph Trejo - Adolph Trejo

Tenorio     - Lydia Tenorio

A Visit to San Diego    - Robert Garcia

Snakes are Plentiful in Starr   - Cheryl Smith

Notes, Genealogies and Family History De Valle - Maria Garza Dellinger

My Garza Cantu Ancestors in Cruillas, Tamaulipas - Irma Garza Cantu

The de la Penas of Cruillas, Tamaulipas - Irma Garza Cantu

Internet Messages to HGS   - Jose O. Guerra, Jr

Members and Friends    - Jose O. Guerra, Jr

Membership Form    -

Volume 18, 2000

Descendants of Diego Gutierres -     Jose O. Guerra, Jr

Jose Lorenzo Gonzalez de Quintanilla -   Maria de la Garza Dellinger

An Annotated Last Will of Bartolome Gonzalez de Quintanilla -   Maria de la Garza Dellinger

The Zamora Heritage -   Jamie Zamora

Translation of Petition form Sammuel M. Williams -  Tony Serrano

Lista de Alcaldes Ha Tenido H. Matamoros, Tam. -  Jose G. Muguerza, Jr.

Lista de Presidentes Ha Tenido H. Matamoros, Tam. Jose G. Muguerza, Jr.

Extractions, Baptims for Salinas Victoria, N.L. -  Maria  de la Garza Dellinger

Memories from La Grulla and the Rio Grande -  Josefina Vera

Balli Family Wins a Case  -      Megan K. Stack

Descendants of Juan Navarro   -    Jose Gonzalez

Volume 19 - 2001

From Riches to Rags: The tragic Story of Joaquin Leal and his Family  - Chris Kneupper

Ynocente Perez    -  Jose O. Guerra, Jr.

USS Twiggs II ( DD-591)   -  Patrick Clancy

Descendants of Juan Perez   -  Jose O. Guerra, Jr.

The Legend of Don Muncio Sancho de Hinojosa  -Rosalba Aulenbacher

Memories from La Grulla and the Rio Grande - Josefina Vera

Finding Jose Perea    -  Renetta Perea

Translating Old Spanish Documents  -  Renetta Perea

The San Patricios Victims of Famine and  Faith   - Rolando M. Romo

Maria Teresa Ante Medellin   -  Rolando M. Romo

Descendants of Juan Navarro   -  Jose Gonzalez

Members and Friends
Somos Primos Houston, Texas Conference

Membership Form

Volume 20 - 2002
Table of Contents

From Riches to Rags: The Tragic Story  Chris Kneupper
Of Joaquin Leal and his Family, Part 2

A Dream Turned into Reality   Herb Garza, Alama  Guzman Cruz, Debbie Gomez

Joaquin de la Garza Falcon    Herb Garza

Simón de Herrera     Reynaldo Herrera

Don Carlos de la Garza    Alonzo Alejandro Salazar

Our Lost Love Ones! Who Are They?  Athena Longoria

Genealogía Nevárez     Gerardo Navárez

Descendants of Juan Navarro   Jose Gonzalez
Continuation from Volume 19

The Cyber Search of the Flores Family  Catalina Lara-Lara

Benavides Family from Reynosa   Jose O. Guerra, Jr.

Rescue the Columbus Ships    Marie Shade-Wood

Members and Friends

Membership Form

Volume 21 - 2003

Resendez, Pena, Vela                                    Jose O. Guerra, Jr.

Tenorio                                                            Lydia Chavarria

Texas Border Crossing Now on Record      Robert de Berardinis

Gen. Jose Maria Jesus Carbajal                    Harbert Davenport

Texas Highway Article                                  Lana Robinson

South Texas Archives                                   Cheryle Cain

Descendants of Juan Navarro                     Jose Gonzalez

Members and Friends

Membership Form

Volume 22 - 2004

Mariano Resendez                                  Jose Guerra

Juan Nepomuceno Seguin                     Loretta M. Williams

Capt. James Cummings                          JD Garza

Bordertown Story                                  Mariano Castillo

Nacimientos de San Carlos                 Ricardo Rivera

Nacogdoches Archives                       Robert de Berardinis

Mann Ziegler Chavarria                Lydia Tenorio Chavarria

Tacinque                                               Arturo Resa

Laredo During Texas Republic          SW Historical Quarterly

Members and Friends

Membership Form

Volume 23 - 2005

Genaro Flores

Los Guerra de Reynosa                                   Jose Muguerza

Rafael Antonio Manchola                               Loretta Williams

Trinidad de la Garza                                          Estella Martinez Zermeno

Reynosa, Tamaulipas Census 1749 1757       John D. Inclan

Guerra Burials Falfurrias, TX                          Wesley Jacobs

San Carlos de Vallecillo, NL                            John D. Inclan

Loma Blanca Deed                                            Starr County Deed Record

Cemeteries of Ambivalent Desire                   M. T. Hernandez

Bootmaker, Feliciano Torres Mendel             Jesus Cantu Mendel

Ignacio Martinez Guajardo                               Jose Gonzalez

Descendents of Rodrigo Martinez                  Jose Gonzalez

Ancestors of Adolfo Trejo                               Adolfo Trejo


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